Fines will be applied to whoever rents chairs or spaces during Mazatlan Carnival on public spaces


The sanctions range from one to 250 minimum wages, said Mayoría Mayor.

Mazatlan, Sin. During the Carnival period. Oficialía Mayor will proceed with the application of sanctions to anyone who, after the inspection carried out by the Subdirección de Comercio, is installed with chairs on public roads for commercialization, without permission from the municipality.

Verónica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta, explained that these sanctions vary from one to 250 minimum wages, according to the seriousness of the fault, which is what the municipal regulation allows to apply.

He stressed that the Mayor’s Office has not issued any permits, and recommended that the public not accept any offer made via the Internet, because they may fall into an attempt to fraud.

If they are physically installed there will be sanctions and they will be removed (…), we have not issued any permits for individuals, nor will we issue them, the line is no permission to individuals. 

Verónica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta

He explained that in the case of owners there is no impediment to enjoy the show, but being the street sidewalk, they are prohibited by law from making commercial use of it, and although it is not prohibited by law, it is a long process that would reach to conclude before the dates of the carnival festivities.

He added that the only ones with permission will be the hotels with the tradition agreement, just to offer the service to their guests, and not to rent chairs in general.

Private will not be given permission, in the case of hotels you already have an agreement to give their service to guests, they will be the only ones who will have permission (…) it is about taking us by the hand together and taking a party which everyone can enjoy, we do not disagree that whoever lives there says here I will see the parade, it is my house is my area, but from that to make use and abuse of a public space, we do not agree. 

Verónica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta

Bátiz Acosta added that the Commune does not rule out the possibility of placing bleachers for spectators of the parades, however, stressed that not yet defined how many, or where, and that work in the synergy to be had with Civil Protection and Public Safety for inspection and surveillance access.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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