Works without reforestation, the new model of civil engineering in Mazatlan?


Maybe they have found an image that went viral in the networks, which says: “Everyone wants shade but nobody plants trees,” in the image shows a small tree with a shadow margin of at least 3 meters diameter and about ten badly parked vehicles taking advantage of the fresh wind and the little shade that the small and leafy tree favored.

This parable whose author I do not know but I refer to in this post, I found it very interesting, because it allows you to reflect on a real situation that a tourist port where the climate is very humid, you need reforestation and not the ecocide that you live in the harbor.

Currently in the city of Mazatlan, during the past Priístas administrations the public work increased by 100% in benefit for the owners of the construction companies and hotel businessmen, that without counting the benefit that there is for the politicians who, in fact, are owners of said constructors.

The public work in the port has consisted of billions of pesos in its pier along with its avenues, in the streets of the historic center, in the remodeling of the lighthouse, in the new Bahia Avenue and in the construction of the new central park, But the big questions are:

How many trees have these governments planted during their public works management?

The ecocide that recently lived the forest of the city, where that vegetation was replaced? – It should be noted that Buenos Aires environmentalists insist that the fire was caused by the same authorities.

Undoubtedly, the government has suffocated us with its deforestation on a large scale, – but like a boardwalk it will have a tree instead of a palm tree! Those answers are the ones that your government responds to you.

What about European tourism? – Who are lovers of Botany, Mazatlan, being an international tourist port should have a stay for different types of tourism that arrive every day.

By: Sánchez Elián

Source: sinaloahoy

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