Mazatlan: Taxi blockade assualt victim files criminal complaint


The taxi blockade of red and green taxis that prevented the passage of a Croc taxi unit, is being investigated.

Cruz Alejandro Flores Salazar, Deputy District Attorney in the southern area of ​​Sinaloa commented that the victim approached the DA file a complaint and charge those resposible for assualt

It was around 10:00 a.m., that the aggressor taxis intervened and blocked her Croc taxi unit, where the passengers the driver were blocked and held hostage.

At this conflict, an assault occurred against the general secretary of the Croc union, of which the media witnesses was made by someone participating in the blockade.

Regarding the case, Flores Salazar exhorted the witnesses to contribute and come forth with investigators.

“We have the complaint of the person who received the blow and a criminal investigation has begun. It would be up to the authorities who will consider what charges will be filed.

Source: Sel

The Mazatlan Post