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Mazatlan municipal government to reduce the cost of flights

MAZATLÁN.- To generate more traffic from people traveling by air from Mazatlan to other cities and vice versa, it is necessary to achieve a decrease in the prices of flights to this destination, an objective that is already under the watch of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Benitez Torres revealed that the municipal government is already working on it and this year these efforts will give results.

“It is a historical matter, that those responsible for defining the costs of air travel put Mazatlan as an expensive destination, remember that Mazatlan occupied the third place nationally as a beach tourist destination, place that we lost many years ago, until we reached the eighth or ninth place, but the price of the flights was not adjusted, we continue to be considered an expensive destination, for that reason we already know what doors to touch (…) would have to be finalized this year, “he reported.

He pointed out that the high cost of flights to Mazatlan has generated many travelers leaving or arriving at the Culiacán Airport, which affects the air connectivity of the port.
“To cheapen flights is an objective that we bring in our portfolio, a lot of tourists and a lot of Mazatleco goes to Culiacán because it costs you the ticket cheaper (…) to get it down to the cost of flights in Culiacán, there many people go out there and this has caused us problems. “

The mayor said that on average flights in Culiacán are between 20 and 30 percent cheaper than in Mazatlan, so the goal is to achieve those prices for the port, which will benefit both travelers and airlines, because the more demand there is, the more frequencies of flights can be opened in this destination.

In order to provide timely and quality care to tourists arriving at the port by air, the Tourist Attention and Protection Center (CAPTA) inaugurated a module at the “Rafael Buelna” International Airport on Tuesday.

The module is staffed by trained personnel, who speak the English language and have the necessary information to guide visitors in terms of security, tourist and cultural interest sites of this destination.

“The CAPTA, is part of the Municipal Security System, and today opens this space whose objective, in addition to becoming an effective tool to provide security and accompaniment to tourists, is well to guide the people who visit our beautiful port, not only in terms of security but also to give visitors confidence to approach asking for any cultural or tourist information, “said Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of CAPTA.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres cut the symbolic inaugural ribbon of the attention module, in the company of the director of the CAPTA, Astrid Macías Fregoso and the airport administrator, Víctor Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel.

In his message, Benítez Torres said that the Municipal Government is committed to giving the best attention to visitors who come to strengthen the economy of the port.
“The airport is the first face of the tourists that arrive by air to Mazatlan, it is important that they be attended to as tourists, we are very committed to the people who come to strengthen the economy of Mazatlan (…) we are working so that tourists from all over the world come, not only from the United States and Canada (…) we want to serve them better every day, to serve them better “, he assured.

For his part, the administrator of the International Airport “Rafael Buelna”, Víctor Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel, said that the opening of the CAPTA module is a clear example of the commitment that the municipality of Mazatlan has to receive tourists as a good host and assured that , for initiatives like this, the air terminal will always be an ally of the actions undertaken by Mayor Benítez Torres.

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