Mexico City airport “AICM” continues to operate above its limit putting passengers at risk


AICM operates 49 percent above its approved capacity.

It’s like when you go to the stadium or to a concert, for example. It is enough to remember what happened in the tunnel 29 of the Olympic University Stadium on May 26, 1985, to know what causes to operate above the expected capacity. That occasion, due to overcrowding, an attack was launched in which eight people lost their lives.

What we tell you is to give you an idea of ​​the risk in which citizens are put when working beyond the limits set. Specialists indicated for the newspaper Reforma, that currently, the International Airport of the City of Mexico (AICM) transports 49 percent more passengers than planned capacity, something that puts at risk those who board a flight.

How many passengers does AICM transport?

According to the publication, in 2018, the AICM served 47 million 700 thousand passengers, that is, 49 percent above its expected limit. In addition, knowing that its annual volume of operations is 365 thousand, the previous year a total of 456 thousand 548 were registered, almost 25 percent more, this according to the preliminary figures of the AICM.

Fernando Gómez, specialist in aviation, indicated for Reforma, that although it is good that the operations and the flow of passengers increase, it seems that they do not take into account that what also increases is the air traffic and that, in addition, the distance is reduced between the planes, causing a latent risk for those who take a flight.

“This tells us that there is an imminent risk both in the metropolitan space and on land, but above all, in the metropolitan airspace because the capacity limit is being exceeded,” Gómez said.

The death of Mouriño, due to an operation problem over the limit

According not only to Gómez, but also to Rogelio Rodríguez, expert in aeronautical affairs, one of the causes of the accident in which he died who was Secretary of the Interior, Juan Camilo Mouriño, was a problem of separation between aircraft.

It is known that the renewal of the fleet implies having larger capacity aircraft and, of course, when receiving a larger number of passengers, the programming of the flights collapses and causes greater delays and impacts when flying.

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