Mazatlan: Japanese vessels come to share culture


Two Japanese vessels will visit Mazatlan from July 25 to 28 

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Members of the Japanese Navy met with municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to establish commitments for a subsequent cultural exchange, said David Torrentera, secretary of Economic Development and Tourism. 

He commented that the captain, Hiroshi Komiya , and the frigate captain, Teppei Sato, Chief of the General Staff, formalized a visit next July, which will begin on the 25th and conclude on the 28th.

The Japanese representatives will come aboard two ships of the Navy of that country, with almost 600 crew members. 

He said that the mayor promised to provide everything necessary for this visit to have a good impact on the Japanese culture and Mazatlan.

Cultural exchange

He declared that the future visit will be aimed at a cultural exchange, which will consist of the organization of musical events, as well as samples and classes of karate and judo. Also the objective of the Japanese will be to know the city and its riches, especially the gastronomy, explained Torrentera. 


The visitors commented that there are Mazatlecos products that are interesting to them, such as shrimp, explained David Torrentera. He added that it will seek to generate exchanges with the Asian country. He assured that the municipal president will seek to create ties with different Japanese cities.

Source: El Debate

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