A month before Carnival, and Facebook already offer chairs, tents and even lounges


A user of the social network has shared the prices of packages ranging from 3 thousand to 4 thousand 300 pesos.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  There is still a month to go before the International Carnival of Mazatlan takes place and some people are already offering spaces to rent on the malecon to appreciate the traditional parade on Sunday.

On a Facebook page, the user identified as ‘Samantha Zarza’ offers the rental of chairs, tents, tables and even lounge rooms in different packages of 3 thousand and up to 4 thousand 300 pesos.

There are several people who have requested information, that although it is not stipulated as a crime, the direction of the mayor’s office of the city council year after year has been fighting with the delivery of bracelets for free chairs or the installation of stands.

So far no municipal authority or the Institute of Culture has pronounced on the matter that it is already offering a service, on what measures will be taken to avoid the hoarding of spaces or if they offer an alternative as in previous years.

Source: Linea Directa

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