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The Malecon parking spaces lost will be replaced

It will consist of a project with public transport circuits that will take people from the new parking to the Malecón

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. In relation to the changes that have been made in the Avenida del Mar and the Historic Center for two years, the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres referred again as an error to have removed the parking public of the Malecón and narrowing the streets of the Historic Center, so he announced that it is already the project to return the parking, but no longer on the Malecon, but in front of the Aquarium with a program of truck circuits .

“Finally we must accept that the change that was made in the Historic Center caused us to stay without parking, it was not foreseen, it was an error, in such a way that we have to resolve, and also that of Avenida del Mar”.

“We already have the land, we are already in the design, it will be in front of the Aquarium, all that block will be the place where they will be able to park, and we are verifying the options of the type of trucks that are occupied to begin already with the circuits to solve them, “explained the Chemist.

According to past statements about this same project, it will consist of locals and visitors can park their private cars on what will be the land in front of the Aquarium, so a bus-like truck will provide the service along the Avenida del Mar, leaving passengers and going up, only from the new parking lot to any point of the Malecon and vice versa.

“We are seeing different possibilities, the cheapest, the best quality to put the number of trucks used to make the circuits along the Avenida del Mar,” said Benítez Torres.

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