The “Chancla” every hispanic kids worse nightmare: Video


After a discussion with her mother, a young woman runs from her house to the street to avoid being disciplined 

Who does not remember the method of some Hispanic mothers to apply discipline to their children with a flip flop “THE CHANCLA”? The method became popular in memes, after a video in which a woman throws a flip on a young woman went viral. 

After a discussion, a young woman runs out of her house to the street, when a woman takes off a Chancla and throws it into the air pointing towards her, seconds later the young woman falls. 

“Dale, ma !, dale !, dale!”, Laughs the young man who records the video while a girl dressed in yellow runs out to avoid receiving his mother’s scolding. 

Meanwhile, the woman who runs after the girl removes her flip-flop, makes a few calculations and throws it. 

The girl continues running when suddenly the chancla falls on her head causing her fall.  

Source: social media

The Mazatlan Post