Mocorito Sinaloa has 5 tourism projects waiting for approval


The condition of the Pueblo Magico and the presentation of executive projects are considered as advantages

Mocorito, Sin.- With the advantage of having presented executive projects and being a Magical Town, in the municipality of Mocorito it is expected to approve 5 tourism infrastructure projects for an amount of 28 million pesos, said Jessy Martinez Sauceda.

The director of tourism said that the window of Magic Towns apparently disappeared, but what happens is that it changed its name and the resource for the projects and therefore they remain optimistic, besides that they consider having some advantages.

“Firstly, we are Magic Town and these resources give priority to the Magic Towns and the second thing is that we comply in time and form with the executive projects, we do not carry proposals unlike other municipalities that went with a proposal, a budget, something, we carry what is the executive projects, elaborated and finished “.

The projects presented were the Museum of Los Tigres del Norte, the dance fountain for the Miguel Hidalgo square, the second stage of facades, a walker at the entrance of the town from the welcome arch and the signage for the Magical Town.

The municipal official indicated that in the Secretariat of Tourism of Sinaloa they give them high hopes that the projects will be accepted and that is what they are expecting to happen in the Federal Government.

Source: Linea Directa

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