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Urgent need for dredging of Mazatlan port

They inaugurate expansion and remodeling of Ameriben facilities inside the fiscal docksTo conclude with the dredging of the port, it was the interest of port organizations, investors and the state and municipal governments, to come to give the boost that this port requires. 

During the event of the inauguration of the international inspection point in the field of plant health and verification and animal health inspection for imports of Ameriben warehouses and meatpacking plants, in the fiscal docks, the Secretary of State Economy, Javier Lizárraga Mercado thanked Ameriben and the Investor Group Kosmos, the confidence they have in Mazatlan and Sinaloa.

He affirmed that Mazatlan is called to be the Pearl of the Pacific again, “it is already the fifth entry of the total exports of Sinaloa, contributed last year from January to November with an amount of 270 million of the 3 thousand 375 million dollars of exports, which represent almost 9 percent increase over the previous year of 2017 and in 2017 we closed with exports that exceeded 21.2 percent to close at 3 thousand 425 million dollars “.

Before investors, special guests, customers, staff and media, Lizárraga Mercado highlighted that Sinaloa is the breadbasket of Mexico, the main producer of fishery products, “we have enormous potential, we represent 70 percent of the exports of meat products”.

The state official stressed that with the investment of 2 million dollars, with this infrastructure come to Mazatlan more cargo, they are exceeding 40 thousand TEU (maritime containers), when for several years it was at 20 thousand TEU, which represents the dynamics that is occurring in the port of Mazatlan.

He commented that cruise passengers (shipping tourism) are returning, so the goal is 600 thousand cruise passengers that we got to have before 2010, and that because of the insecurity they left. “But this year we will exceed 230, the 240 thousand cruise passengers, with a clear approach and vision that we will not only recover them; in recent days we received 4 thousand 870 Mitsubichi cars in a single ship … he played it and bet on the port of Mazatlan “.

Lizárraga Mercado said that Mazatlan is called to take back the positioning of cargo and logistics that Mazatlan must have, since it is the second port with the most movement of cars in the entire Mexican Pacific.

We will not disappoint you, the movement will continue in Mazatlan: Lizárraga Mercado.

Previously, Gabriel Konik Derechin, Kosmos Corporate Real Estate Executive Director said that it is essential to conclude the dredging of the port, which is again suspended.
“As investors we expect the support, the effort from everyone and their commitment, because in the end the emergence of the value chain will generate the confidence of the customers to attract more investment,” he said.

The investor stressed that Corporativo Kosmos has an ally as an integral part of the port community, a commercial partner for the Mazatlan Integral Port Administration and a group committed to the authorities and states that make up the Northern Economic Corridor.

We have redesigned our facility and have made a significant investment with a long-term vision offering new services at the port: Konik Derechin.

At the event, Ameriben, who opened its doors 25 years ago, the director of municipal economic development David González Torrentera, highlighted the investments that are arriving at the port and that are betting on Mazatlan.

Before the present, he informed that the municipal administration is going to promote the Mazatlán-Durango railway, which is one of the main agendas and that it will be the main point that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres will deal with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He said that this railroad will bring an immediate development to Mazatlan.

González Torrentera considered necessary to fight the resource to achieve the dredging of the port of Mazatlan, so that those who invest in the port, have better results.

Dr. Rebeca García, Head of Sinasica in Sinaloa, reported on the work carried out by this animal health inspection and the commitment to take care of the safety of agricultural, agricultural and fishing goods, which must comply with all the animal health requirements restablacis by the Country of guarantee that they will be healthy and innocuous goods.

In his participation, Rodolfo Coppel Urquijo, representative of the Mexican Association of Customs Agents of Mazatlan, AC stressed the importance of concrete dredging of the port to bring more and larger vessels.

While Alfredo Ruelas Solis, president of the Southern Development Council of Sinaloa (Codesin), unveiled the inauguration of the facilities of the new port of Ameriben, which shows the vision of the future of this company.
After the speeches, we proceeded to cut the ribbon, declaring the remodeling of this fiscal area inaugurated.

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