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Deaths due to motorcycle accidents in Mazatlan increase

The speeding and lack of education are the main causes behind these accidents, reported the commander of Municipal Transit.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The abuse of the use of the motorcycle and the failure to respect the signs where the speed limits are set has caused an increase in the loss of life so far this year, informed Luis Eduardo Enciso Guzmán.

The deputy director of the Municipal Transit police in Mazatlan said that the number of accidents has not picked up, but these have become more “bulky” due to the lack of use of safety equipment and speeding, as many of the those who have lost their lives have been to stamp themselves with other vehicles or objects.

“In transit accidents the motorcycle has been more or less stable, there has not been an increase, which did increase as it is the question of the loss of life. A motorcycle at a speed of more than 40 kilometers is very difficult to tie in 5 or 10 meters. “

He explained that most of those involved in traffic accidents are young people between 16 and 30 years of age, so it is necessary that parents before releasing a vehicle of this type, instruct them and warn them of the dangers .

He urged the public to behave prudently and avoid driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol, as well as skipping the signs and exceeding speed limits.

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