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Sinaloa is no longer one of the most insecure states in the country

Governor Quirino Ordaz assured that the entity went from place 5 to 24 in an index of levels of insecurity; indicated that the operation of mixed security bodies is successful.

Culiacán, Sin.- The operation of mixed security forces, with both civilian and military elements, is successful and shows the case of Sinaloa, which has drastically reduced its levels of insecurity and is no longer in the top places, said Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

In an interview on the First Issuance of Línea Directa, the state leader was asked what he thought of the National Guard, whose creation project was approved yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies, to which he responded that this type of instances has proven to be successful, as in the case of Sinaloa.

“Before we were among the 5 most insecure entities nationwide, right now we are at number 24, that will be announced in the coming days, and well, in the state, security is conducted by professional people, both civil and military, and that is what he uses in the National Guard, civil command with military discipline, “he emphasized.

Ordaz Coppel acknowledged that crimes such as homicides, robberies in homes and cars persist in Sinaloa, but he assured that in much smaller proportions than before.

“Without doubt there is a complex situation with the crimes but the indicators have come dramatically downwards and that speaks to this scheme is working and that is why you have to be working every day,” he said.

The governor of Sinaloa clarified that this is why we must leave behind the grillas and the political jerks and support all the proposals of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that are aimed at improving the situation in the country.

On this aspect, Quirino Ordaz reiterated that at the state level he will not enter into a lawsuit with anyone and on the contrary, he has to bet on dialogue, referring to the budgetary conflict between his administration and the local Congress.

He also reminded the legislators that he was also elected in 2016 and is also committed to supporting the citizenship because the fundamental thing in all this is to ensure sufficient resources to fulfill the Sinaloans.

“I was also elected in 2016 with a large majority, my commitment is to serve people, however, resources are very limited … But I am confident that this will go ahead, I am a supporter of that,” he said.

However, regardless of the conflict over the budget, the state executive said they will go ahead and work will be completed as the general hospitals that are built in Culiacán and Mazatlan, in addition to the Center for Autism and care for the visually impaired and the adequacy of El Piojo stream, in the state capital.

Regarding the visit of President López Obrador at the end of the month, he explained that the agenda he will have is still being defined, but what is certain, he said, is that he will request that Sinaloa is located within the second group of entities. where health services will be federalized since it is urgent.

“Next week I have a trip to Spain, a tourism fair that I was invited by the federal secretary of the branch, Miguel Torruco, but I return next Thursday, in time to welcome the President”, informed Quirino Ordaz.

SOURCE: Linea Directa
The Mazatlan Post

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