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Mazatlan: Neighbors complain about clandestine garbage dumps

The neighbors of the Libertad and Independencia neighborhoods ask the authority for attention.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- families living in the colonias of Libertad and Independencia are tired of living among the runoff of sewage and garbage.

The streets of these settlements that reach the Circunvalación avenue, where the El Infiernillo estuary is located, are flooded by leaks of water that come from the body of water. 
But especially of the sewers, from where every day black waters sprout.

They are pestilent liquids that run for a large part of the day, explains Carolina Milán, and shows that the streets of Las Rosas and Flamingos are in deplorable conditions.

Margarita Sánchez stressed that in rainy and dry weather is the same problem. When there are elections, those who aspire to reach the presidency or the Government of the State remember that these colonies exist and visit them.

The problem arises and they all say that when they reach power they will work to attack the problem of the sewage outbreak and repair the streets. But when they ‘sit in the chair’ they forget their promises, the neighbors of the mentioned colonies agree.

They hope that the now called “government of the fourth transformation”, which says that now the hour of the poor has arrived, remembers the neighbors of Libertad and Independencia, said Sanchez. The settlements are almost together, divided only one street. Both culminate in the Circumvallation and the estuary.

They regret that this lung of the city is taken as a garbage dump. Many of the waste that reaches the water body and the surrounding settlements are from families from other parts of the city, but also the neighbors cooperate with their trash.

The estuary should be an attraction because even with the abandonment and all the waste that is dumped every day, it has its beauty. You can also see the birds that this region and migratory birds. The neighbors call on the mayor to act.

Source: El Debate

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