5 Mexican gourmet and cheap ingredients


Five ingredients that cost less than 80 pesos, with which you can prepare gourmet and delicious dishes.

To overcome the January cost with a very sybaritic attitude, we went to the supermarket to find five high-quality products that will elevate your culinary experiences without wreaking havoc in your pocket. 

Butter Gloria

18 pesos * / 100 grams pack

This brand recently gained notoriety after becoming known that all the company’s income is used to finance the studies of children with limited resources.

For generations, Butter Gloria has been a silent inhabitant of the refrigerators of many Mexican families. When opening his classic green package the cook will find a turgid cube of creamy and aromatic cow’s milk butter. An ingredient that will improve the flavor and consistency of any bread, dessert or salty dish that goes with it.

Marqués del Valle wine

80 pesos * / 750 thousand

This wine usually runs out quickly so I recommend that, if you find it on the shelves, you take several.

Its price is around 80 pesos per unit but its value is much higher. It is a reliable table wine, easy for wine neophytes and enjoyable for regular consumers.

A blend of Malbec and Cabernet that gives a slightly acidic broth, without that hard-to-swallow sweetness offered by many low-priced wines. Suitable to take several to a meeting or to be taken at home in the daily meal.

Pelazza anchovy fillets

36 pesos / 50 grams can

Spanish In Mexico, La Pasiega sells them. 

Anchovies are an unpopular ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Preceded by a bad reputation generated in part by those characters who in the cartoons detested anchovy pizza, have been relegated to the lowest of the categories of grocers.

Pelazza is a Spanish brand that in Mexico is marketed by La Pasiega. The can of anchovies of this brand is around 36 pesos on supermarket shelves. The flavor power of anchovies makes them a very effective ingredient.

A can of anchovies, garlic, oil, a bag of spaghetti and a grated hard bread is all that is needed to prepare one of the richest and most democratic dishes of Sicilian cuisine, “pasta c’anciova e muddica atturrata”; On a pan with tomato make a sophisticated sandwich and mixed with mayonnaise can raise the flavor of any sandwich.

Sardines Calmex or Guaymex

25-40 pesos * / can of 425 grams

Like anchovies, canned sardines are an ingredient that can enhance the personality of many preparations.

Pouring them into the refried beans will give them a very cosmopolitan taste; alone, on a toast of bread spread with garlic, they will accompany the wine from up here very well. Whether they come in oil or tomato sauce, it is difficult for any of these two Mexican brands of Sonoran sardines to exceed 40 pesos.

A food that, well used, will get us victorious from the trouble caused by an unexpected visit. 

Sea salt “Altamar”
28 pesos * / bag of 400 grams

With the organic in vogue, the different types of salts that nature gives us have reached the shelves of many supermarkets.

Sales labeled with colors that speak of purity and health benefits seek our attention, while we walk our carts through the corridors.

If we pay attention to these labels, we will realize that most salts that are sold as “natural” have been refined. And the problem with refined salt is that, in order to whiten it, natural nutrients are removed and then artificially added some (mainly iodine and fluorine).

Sea salt “Altamar” is sold unrefined, so it still retains its mineral wealth, staying in the dishes that accompanies it. And although it is more expensive than its refined relatives, it is the most affordable of the authentically natural brands.

Source: Gourmet de Mexico

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