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Beaches of Mazatlán record a large amount of garbage

Currently, five tons of garbage are collected on weekends, the gravity falls in the area of Olas Altas.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The problem of pollution on beaches Mazatlan remains a high presence and in accordance with the Operator and Administrator Beaches of Mazatlan, the dump of leftover trash and plastic utensils are the pollutants that are found in greater numbers. 

Rogelio Olivas Osuna, director of the municipality, explained that the zone of Olas Altas is where the greatest problem of pollution of the coast of the port resides, because of the average of five tons that are collected during the weekends of greater affluence, attends a ton vessels, coolers and other objects of styrofoam , and half a ton of leftover trash , considering that weigh less than other waste.

This coupled with the small balls of polystyrene of buildings that have been growing in the beach area and end at sea, he said.
However, awareness campaigns in the non-use of straws have had positive effects because they have found small amounts of them during the daily beach clean-up required by Standard 120 (NMX-AA-120SCFI-2016), of the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification (IMNC), he said.

A ton of butts is collected on weekends on the beaches and half a ton of unicel.

“Right now we see that there is not so many straws, what we have found enough trash, cigarette butts and, in an area that we are going to have to work a bit on is Olas Altas, because it is a tourist attraction  much polystyrene, especially the famous ‘micheladas’, is thrown away, “he said.

In this context, Olivas Osuna said that work will be done to unify the criteria of all the beaches of Mazatlan in terms of the guidelines they must regulate, such as not throwing garbage and placing containers in the entire beach area of the port in support with hotel associations.

He added that, despite the current problems, a reduction in pollution has been achieved given that 10 tons of garbage were collected in the summer due to the high influx.

“Fortunately, as the containers are already passing (the collection trucks) constantly, it is no longer allowed, it has diminished a bit but as long as we are not aware of all in general, government, private initiative, citizens, we will continue to leave … Remember that a clean city is not the one that cleans the most, but the one that gets the least dirty, “he said.

Data: In August 2018, Services and Public Safety of the last administration warned of the application of sanctions for three to five minimum wages that marks Fraction III of Article 87 of the Police and Good Governance Branch, to those who leave the garbage in the Olas Altas.

 Source: El Sol de Mazatlan
The Mazatlan Post

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