Dog frustrates gas station robbery in Ciudad Madero


‘Randy’ has been living in a service center for three years, where he defended the worker from being a victim of a robbery.

Randy is a street dog who has lived in a gas station located in the downtown area of Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas for three years, and a few days ago he became a hero when he thwarted an assault and saved the life of one of his friends, a worker at the service station.

In social networks, the case of the dog was made known, who is now lured by Super Randy, because thanks to him, the assailants did not hurt the dispatcher and did not commit the robbery.

Baltazar, says that thanks to Randy lives to tell what happened that morning when two subjects hit him and threatened him with a gun.

The dog, seeing that his friend was in danger, defended him and attacked the aggressors, who scared and ran away.

The Mazatlan Post