Mexico: Pemex will reopen fuel pipelines to resupply inventory

According to Pemex on Tuesday in Mexico City and the metropolitan area, extraordinary purchases were registered, which affects normality and can generate supply problems at the service stations and saturation on the roads.

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Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) explained that it will reopen transportation by pipeline in some regions of the country until they are insured, but that the storage and distribution or distribution terminals have enough inventory, so he asked to avoid panic purchases. gasoline particularly in the center of the country, as this has aggravated the situation of fuel shortages.

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“As part of Pemex’s Joint Plan of Attention to Strategic Facilities to combat the so-called” huachicol “, the pipelines where the crime extracted the fuel were closed, which will be opened as long as it is ensured that this scourge can be avoided and greater damage to the Treasury “, informed the state yesterday.

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Once again, the Government of Mexico, through Petróleos Mexicanos, called on the population to avoid purchases of fuel panic “as this may generate shortages of the product,” according to the oil company.

Once again, he reiterated that the demand in the affected states is guaranteed since the Storage and Dispatch Terminals of Pemex have enough inventory.

“We exhort the population not to fall into speculation and ask for the collaboration of all Mexicans to act with prudence and serenity; to ignore false news or unfounded rumors as long as the supply of fuels is normalized “.

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And is that according to Pemex on Tuesday in Mexico City and metropolitan area were recorded extraordinary purchases, which affects normalcy and can cause problems of supply at service stations and saturation in the roads.

Therefore, Pemex is moving forward in the operation of the alternative pipe distribution system to supply the demand and delivery in time and form of the shipments committed to the affected states, the Mexican oil company insisted.

Source: El Economista

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