30 cars towed and impounded for parking in places for the disabled


Culiacán, Sinaloa. For parking in boxes for the disabled that are located in supermarkets, the Road and Traffic Unit has issued a thousand infractions from November 2018 to the present.

Pánfilo Díaz Juárez, director of the Roads and Traffic Unit of Culiacán, announced that within these operations that are carried out in supermarkets, a total of 30 units have been towed to the corralón.

Diaz Juarez explained that so far there are no detainees, but if the owner of the unit is located on the site, the transit elements may transfer him to the Banister Court because it is an aggravated offense.

The director of the Road and Traffic Unit mentioned that the inspections in the parking area of the supermarkets are carried out with the authorization of the owners of the shopping centers.

Source: cafenegroportal

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