10 big leaps that Mexico took in LGBT + rights


This was a good year for the LGBT + community in Mexico. That is why we bring you this account of the 10 great steps that our country took in LGBT rights this 2018.

1. Social security for LGBT + people

The historic moment in which the Senate approved to modify the organic laws of the IMSS and the ISSSTE to provide social security to LGBT + people took place on November 6, 2018. Now, thanks to the approval of this initiative proposed by Senators Germán Martínez and Martha Lucía MicherLGBT + people, we will have our guaranteed social security rights. In addition, this amendment will also force the IMSS and ISSSTE to eliminate the sexist and discriminatory language of their legal systems.

As of 2018, LGBT + people will have social security. A great step that Mexico has taken in terms of LGBT + rights. 

2. Equal marriage initiative throughout the country

Speaking of initiatives, this was undoubtedly the happiest we did. Currently, only the states of Quintana Roo, Coahuila, Jalisco, Campeche, Nayarit, Colima, Morelos, Michoacán, Chihuahua, Chiapas, Baja California, Puebla, and Mexico City recognize equal marriage. But if this initiative is approved, it could be a reality for the entire country.

3. Prison, fines and more for those who practice ECOSIG

Another just and necessary measure is the penalty to people who practice ECOSIG, commonly known as conversion therapies.

Although the WHO had already classified them as torture, no legal initiative had been proposed to stop them in Mexico. But this year, Senators Citlalli Hernández, Patricia Mercado and Alejandra Lagunes presented a proposal to the Senate to sanction those who perform or subject people to conversion therapies. We hope that this initiative is approved, conversion therapies have to stop being a reality in Mexico and around the world.

4. MP agencies for LGBT + people

Another good news was the opening of Public Ministry agencies aimed at the LGBT + communityThese agencies will aim to address crimes related to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. At the moment, there are already three in Mexico City. We hope that very soon each locality has at least one.

The creation of MP instances for the LGBT + community is another of the great steps that Mexico took in LGBT + rights this 2018.

5. Mexican government campaign with gay couple

Definitely one of the great steps taken by Mexico in terms of LGBT + visibility was a government spot that showed a same-sex couple.

In the announcement published by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, not only raised awareness about the excessive use of plastic. He also made the LGBT + community visible by making a gay couple the protagonist of the ad. Thank you, SEMARNAT, for the representativeness, and thanks also for making us visible.

6. LGBT: identity, love,and sexuality

2018 was also the year in which Mexico saw the largest exhibition on sexual diversity. The venue was the Memory and Tolerance Museum, and the exhibition was “LGBT: identity, love, and sexuality”.

In the sample, there was from the explanation of basic concepts such as gender, identity, and sexual orientation, to the history of the LGBT + community. In one of the rooms they explained each letter of the LGBTTTIQA acronym and in another, they answered the most frequent questions that people ask about the LGBT + community. And we could continue talking about how wonderful this exhibition was because it was really great. So much that we hope that they make it permanent. It was too good to just be temporary.

The exhibition of the Museum of Memory and Tolerance not only exposed basic concepts about gender identity and sexual diversity. He also spoke of LGBT + rights in Mexico.

7. Supreme Court recognized the right of assisted reproduction to a same-sex couple

Another great step that Mexico took in LGBT + rights was the recognition of our right to form a family. Although in many states homoparental adoption is legal, not in all. And of legality in terms of assisted reproduction, not to mention. However, the SCJN ruled by means of an amparo that a minor born by surrogate motherhood was registered by their parents, both of the same sex . Although it is an amparo and not a law, it is a door that opens to talk about the options that LGBT + people have to form a family.

8. Lawyer beats homophobia in his office

In pure Philadelphia style, the lawyer Armando Ocampo Zambra shared his case and his fight with us. When dismissed for homophobia from the Law Firm of Lawyers and Accountants, Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa y Cía. SC, filed a complaint with CONAPRED . This institution dismissed it, so, in addition to the Firm, Armando sued CONAPRED as well … and won!

9. Ophelia Pastrana: the first trans woman to naturalize as a Mexican

Another news that gave us great pleasure was when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs naturalized the youtuberinfluencer, and explicatriz, Ophelia Pastrana, as Mexican 

Ophelia Pastrana ⚧ 

Ophelia already had her naturalization letter. However, it was until November 7 that he received the naturalization letter under the name of Ophelia Pastrana . 

10. AMLO’s protest speech

We topped this list of moments of visibility for the LGBT + community with one of the most surprising satisfies the speech of the new president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Another of the great steps taken by Mexico in LGBT rights this year was that the new president recognized us in his speech to take protest. Being the first time it happens. / Photo: BBC

On the weekend of December 1, the protest was on everyone’s lips. And the LGBT + community was no exception, as it was the first time that a president speaks of sexual diversity in his speech. And, in addition, he does it well, without saying “sexual preferences”, like many others. He also spoke of “sexual orientation”, and although he lacked to speak also of gender identity, without a doubt the fact that we are recognized and defended on national television is a moment to celebrate. We hope that the next government is full of proposals and initiatives that guarantee our rights. And give us many more moments to include in lists like these.

For now, these are some of the great steps our country has taken this year in LGBT + rights. We look forward to the following, as there is still much to be done.

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