Video: Three years after his capture … neighbors of ‘El Chapo’ remember the shooting

Many things have happened in these three years and the surprises during his trial seem to have no end, today we remember the day of his capture.

Los Mochis, Sin.- Three years have passed since the shooting that woke the neighbors of the Las Palmas subdivision and today, as three years ago, the echo of the shots alerts them, as three years ago they come back to surprise when they remember that the most wanted man in the world, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán   was arrested as a result of that shooting, in a house that mows being a silent witness of the events.

The house is still under the authority of the authorities, although it was once denounced that thieves had entered, after an oversight by the municipal police, that they withdrew their guard for a few moments and this was taken advantage of by the lovers of others.

Fernando Montiel, the popular “Kochulito”, multi-champion in the world of boxing said that the first shot raised the guard, with a jump left his bed to protect their children before the shooting.

“Pum, the first shot and I identified it, I do not know why I hit the jump and that’s what my wife told me:” Hey! “But I was already in the air, to bring my children to the main bedroom”.

Luis Eduardo Ramos, who also lives near the shooting site, remembers the intensity of the shots and echoes in the streets; the screams and boots broke the calm and woke everyone up.

“If I remember that it lasted a good while, the blasts, the bullets, and then if it was heard as if it were right away, and then you start imagining things as if they were rampaging along the boulevard and there it scares you, and then, warning the family at that time. “

The incredulity came later, the Kochulito remembers that one of the sailors asked for food when the operation became old and there were still no results, in confidence he asked the objective of the mobilization and the sailor only said: tomorrow they will find out. But they found out much earlier, with a tweet from then President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Enrique Peña Nieto

Misión cumplida: lo tenemos. Quiero informar a los mexicanos que Joaquín Guzmán Loera ha sido detenido.

“He went to cook my wife and in that, then, we did talk, and I asked him: hey and by whom do they come ?, and that he is telling me … Who? I said, and yes I peeled my eyes … I did not imagine, nor do I believe, that I was here in Mexico, less in Sinaloa and much less in Los Mochis, but what did surprise me is that I was behind my house “
Chapo Guzmán was arrested in a hotel in Los Mochis.

Chapo Guzmán was arrested in a hotel in Los Mochis.

In the same way, Luis Eduardo remembers that when it was learned that Joaquín Guzmán Loera had been captured a few meters from his house, nobody, neither the neighbors, nor friends or relatives could believe what happened, as it happened in the country, the issue it went on for days and weeks and you still remember it again and again

“Well, very surprised because you say the most wanted man in the world two blocks from your house, you never imagine … you imagined that they were chasing someone else but less to El Chapo, so within the reach of the authorities and of us, as civilians. “

Three years ago, the city of the Mochis became world famous for the capture of capo de capos, from which it was later learned that there would no longer be a third escape, was taken to New York for a trial that has shown its human side , then that she would cry when she saw her daughters in court.

It has also exposed a network of corruption that has reached a number of officials and former officials, including former President Peña Nieto, and promises that surprises will continue as always in the world of drugs, where the unimaginable becomes true, and where series and movies sometimes fall short.


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