Sinaloa closes 2018 with two million tourists


With destinations positioned as the port of Mazatlan and the detonation of attractions of magical towns, the Ministry of Tourism seeks to increase visitors.

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The Secretary of Tourism in the state, Óscar Pérez Barros, reported that this year they will seek to increase the number of visitors to the entity through the beach anchor tourist attractions, such as Mazatlan, and the magical towns that the state has. 

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During the December dates, the hotel occupancy registered 100 percent in the main destinations, and on average said that in the state it remained at 80 percent. 

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With eight percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), the tourism activity represents a growing growth that should continue betting on investment to promote the attractions that are available nationally and internationally. 

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The last dates highlighted that in the South zone of Sinaloa there was a deficit of quarters, reason why the subject is being attacked with service providers to increase the number of rooms. 

On the mobility plans, he explained: ” We bring a promotion strategy with the international terminal of Culiacán to inform tourists of what we have in the center and throughout Sinaloa .” 


Derived from the organization of the Tourism Tianguis last year, the owner of Tourism in Sinaloa said that by 2019, work will be done so that the economic benefits obtained will have repercussions in the central and northern areas of the state.

Improve tourism attractions and activities in each of them is another issue to develop for the tourist is interested in the destinations of Sinaloa, and also decide to spend more to the 400 pesos currently made in your stay by the entity.

In official figures, Pérez Barros explained that the south of the state represents 60 percent; the center, 25 percent; and the north 15 percent of the economic spill; However, he said that it will be sought that the regions have a tailored suit in terms of promotion to generate greater tourist attraction.

Regarding the measure of the federal government not to label public resources for the magical towns, he explained that the resource was increased, which will be distributed by the governors to the municipalities with this badge. For that reason, he assured that it will seek to strengthen those that are held.

Source: El Debate