Sinaloa: Dengue keeps the authority on alert


Mazatlan registers only three cases; There are two suspects. In Concordia, one of dengue serotype 2 is presented and acted to avoid more.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Dengue is here to stay and work is being done to avoid the surprise of an outbreak, said the coordinator of Vectors and Zoonoses of Jurisdiction 6, Víctor Arredondo.

The official reported that Mazatlán closed 2018 with three cases of non-serious dengue and two suspects.


In Concordia, before the end of the year, a case of dengue of serotype 2 was presented. Actions were taken to prevent it from overflowing in an outbreak.

There are five serotypes. In the country, 1 is the most present. This already affected the majority of people and created immunity, so if the mosquito bites you no longer get sick, but getting to serotype 2 could be serious.

Given this, they remain alert to reduce risks and attentive to any suspicion to act.

In the municipality of Escuinapa, due to the passage of Hurricane Willa and the proximity to the entities of Jalisco and Nayarit, 47 cases of dengue were registered. To prevent the condition from spreading, a brigade was installed on Isla del Bosque, in that municipality, with 54 workers.

In addition to treating patients, all kinds of actions were carried out around the cases. By controlling the situation, more people were prevented from getting sick in Escuinapa and the rest of the southern municipalities.

The secretary general of Section 80 of the Trade Union of Workers of the Ministry of Health, José Luis Chávez Chinchilla, stressed that on Monday they return to their work and will seek to speak with the authority so that the contracts for personnel working in the fight against dengue.

He added that there is much to be done to avoid an outbreak. Currently, dengue is present throughout the year.

He met with contract employees and allowed them to search for them this month. But, also that they grant more contracts. At least 300 more are required for Sinaloa.

Source: El Debate, Gente

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