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First Northwest Wine Festival in Mazatlan

Mexico is internationally recognized for good wines and, in this context, Mazatlan will host the First Northwest Wine Festival on February 15 and 16. Wine experts from other countries such as the United States and Slovenia will come, as well as 12 wineries from neighboring states of Sinaloa.

There will be ethnologists and tasters from various places; There will be 7 lectures, workshops and an exhibition of the 12 Mexican wineries. The festival of this industry will be in the halls and courtyard of the Art Museum and an estimated presence of about two thousand people.

There will be the exhibition of books and the presentation of one of them with one of the most complete stories about wine. One of the specialists informed us that in Mexico there are more than 1,200 wine labels and 240 wineries.

He also said that Mexican wines reflect 26.5 percent of IEPS (Special Taxes on Services Products), with a profit of only 36 percent for the producer; that is, for every 200 pesos, the producer has 64 pesos left.

Source: SEL

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