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Mazatlan Expects 140 Million Pesos for Predial

* Backlog of 700 million pesos

* Discounts and various supports

The modules are already installed so that users can pay their respective properties with various discounts that already come in the tickets for houses and a 10 percent for prompt payment, before February 28, said the Municipal Treasurer of Mazatlan, Javier Alarcón Lizárraga

At the conference on Wednesday, led by Mayor Guillermo Benitez Torres, the official explained that the modules are already located in different places and the usual ones for citizens to collect their registration slips and go to different places such as Oxxo stores, Kiosco to pay, as well as in the boxes of the municipal government in the Municipal Palace.

In his brief participation on the subject, Alarcón Lizárraga said that they are expected to raise about 140 million pesos, although he expressly acknowledged that there are some 700 million pesos of arrears, an amount that can be recovered and then raise the amount for the benefit of the social programs and the public work of the municipality.

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