Mazatlan Directorate of Roads and Transportation to cancel taxi licenses of those violating the law 


The Directorate of Roads and Transportation, once again warned the Red and Green Eco Taxis organizations, that if they continue blocking roads that tarnish the image of the port, they will be obliged to withdraw permits.

Feliciano Valle Sandoval, director of Roads and Transportation, in Sinaloa, warned that they do not want to go to that extreme since they are currently in talks with the organizations involved in the old conflict to reach an agreement again as they had been early last year.

“The Law contemplates sanctions in different situations and different degrees, ranging from a fine, infraction, the detention of the unit and even the withdrawal of the permit, if the Law contemplates it we can do it,” he explained.

We are paying and betting that the conflict will reach a solution, where the two parties talk and reach an agreement, he insisted, but if it is necessary to arrive at the withdrawal of permits, it will be applied.

Sandoval Valley, added that this week will meet all parties in general, municipality, state and federal to reach an agreement and not continue to affect Mazatlan as a tourist destination.

Last Sunday there was a strong blockade, in the middle of the tourist zone, between taxi drivers and atamsists, intervening Public Security.

Source: SEL

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