Mexico: Durango Dams close 2018 with 85% water


The National Water Commission (Conagua), at its local address, closed the year without dams with 100 percent storage, while one of them did not even reach 50 percent. At a general level, 85 percent of the volume was reached.

Of the 10 dams that it monitors daily, nine are found with volumes above 80 percent, among them the San Gabriel located in the municipality of Ocampo that presents a filling of 81 percent, followed by the Lázaro Cárdenas dam, the largest of the state and that is in the municipality of Indé, which registers an arrival of 83.5 percent.

Seven dams are with 90 percent or more and are the Francisco Zarco, in the municipality of Lerdo, which has 90 filling; with 92.7 percent, Santa Elena is located in the municipality of Súchil.

The five dams that are in the district 52 of irrigation are those that present the highest volume of filling, three in the municipality of Durango and are the Santiago Bayacora with 99.9 percent, the Guadalupe Victoria with 95.2 percent and the Peña of the Eagle with 99.5 percent.

There is also the Caboraca with 98.9 percent and located in the municipality of Canatlán; and finally, Francisco Villa, which is located in the municipality of Poanas and has 98.6 percent of total storage.

Only one dam in the entire state is found with low levels of storage and is located in the north, in the municipality of Hidalgo that is with 48.1 percent, being the dam that less water was captured during the entire rainy season of 2018.

Source: EL Siglo de Durango

The Mazatlan Post