Mazatlan: Garbage collection plan is implemented


During the December festivities, garbage production increases exponentially.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The director of Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague, commented that there is a program to cover the need for garbage collection during this month. 

He added that there is a special brigade for this task, in addition to improvements since more collection trucks were purchased, totaling 38. This allows a better service to citizens, especially these days, since that the volume of garbage that is generated is very large.

He said that there are special cases, such as the Infonavit housing areas, which will be given special attention. These consist of the daily collection of the waste instead of every third day.

It is also being considered to increase the number of trips per day to avoid the accumulation of waste on the streets.   In addition, it is expected that with a good administration of resources, next year a minimum of 10 collection trucks will be acquired, and with the help of civil associations, it will be possible to obtain twice as many units.

A problem

González Olague pointed out that in the last few days shops have been detected that throw away their waste in subdivisions in order to reduce the volume of garbage, since all businesses have to pay for the collection service and the rate is determined by the amount of garbage collected.

The director said that the problem was known through calls from neighbors who have located restaurants that throw waste in the places where people do it, taking advantage of the fact that the settlers take out the garbage untimely.

In relation to the irregular activities that the stores are doing, the secretary added that they will work together with the Municipal Police to arrest those responsible and present them to Barandilla, where they will be held responsible for payment.

Source: El debate

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