Tourist from China arrive to Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sin.- The international cruise tourism that arrives in Mazatlan also has connections with Asian countries such as China.

This is detected by transporters.
” Thanks to God, the cruises are a good economic benefit, here we have tourists from China have been visiting us and so great for the Mazatlan,” said the Aurigüero. 

The large economic spill that three cruises leave in a single day in Mazatlan can be seen in the demand for the services of tour operators and transporters. 

These last ones take an important commission when approaching tourism in taxis, pulmonias, safaris or aurigas and take them to different restaurants, some service of passage to the rural zone or fishing fleet, trips in the bay in boats, catamarans or crossing to the Island of the Stone or they themselves serve as permanent tour of the tourists during their stay in this port.

Are you taking the day? 
“Yes, there are going now that three cruises arrived to relieve us now; that’s all very well working hard. ” 

The international tourism that arrives in cruise ships is important in addition to the great potential that California has in the United States and now the East of this country and connections that are beginning to be airborne with other destinations in Canada. 
This is how they begin to open other destinations such as Europe and Asia.

The Mazatlan Post