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Mazatlan requires an additional 2 thousand hectares for real estate development growth to continue.

The growing real estate activity that Mazatlan lives with the creation of new developments, requires a master plan with which it is possible to urbanize 2 thousand hectares.

Israel Victoria, head of Municipal Planning Institute of Mazatlan estimated that there are currently 8 thousand hectares that have services, but to continue growing north of the municipality, it is required to develop 2 thousand more with potable water and drainage services.

“It constitutes the fourth part of what is currently the city of Mazatlan, it is not anything, it is a subject in which you can not get small hoses or pipes, but a true infrastructure of high level and high capacity and that is not cheap, “he said.

The amounts, he said, are not defined but the three orders of government must be agreed upon.

In 2017, a partial urban development plan for the northern zone was approved, which contemplates the vertebral axis of Peche Rice Avenue, which is the new zone and generates certainty for development, he said.

“You already have to program the strengthening of drinking water and drainage networks and roads (…), it is important to say that the expansion of the city is going to be given through ordering instruments, that is, it is no longer going to be spontaneous generation, or disorderly growth and the same applies to the new Mazatlan, where there is nothing infrastructure or road, “he said.


Develop Public Services

In relation to the needs for real estate development, opinion leaders in the sector agreed that public services are required in the northern part of the city.

Walfre Ibarra, tourist-real estate entrepreneur indicated that it is necessary to invest in infrastructure and urbanize adjoining areas to the Convention Center and General Hospital so that the development of more projects does not stop.

“The real estate sector is currently experiencing a boom for different reasons, one of which is that it is already manifesting in the demand in the demographic pyramid, then there is a very strong demographic shift towards the north-west,” he said.

He said that there are more Mazatlecos who opt for that area, and also people from Coahuila, Durango, Chihuahua, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, and Aguascalientes, who have seen at the opening of the Mazatlán-Durango highway, a fast route to arrive and that It has made the market grow.

“Here the short-term challenge is to develop the service infrastructure, such as water, drainage, more electricity lines, roads especially to the new area of the Marina and Convention Center because there is important growth and good demand, “he said.

The development and investments are winning the race to the municipality and the state government in the development of urban equipment, he said.

“If it is not taken care of it could stop us, there is a little concern that it is not very clear to us that the new administration of the different levels of government, which is the federal and municipal, what is it that they want to say with what to support marginalized areas, we must definitely support them (…) but that does not mean that we are going to neglect the area that is showing an important development, because it is the one that has Mazatlan’s economy vibrant, “he said.

Although sometimes it has been thought that there was an oversupply, it is not, he said, “sales continue with their dynamism, there is already more developments of condominiums, at higher prices”.

And it is that Mazatlan is giving the surprise with sale of buildings of up to 8 and 10 million pesos, that although it is not a very dynamic range, that market already exists.

With regard to the fiscal stimulus that is expected to continue to be granted, as it was done, he said, at the end of the triennium of Carlos Felton and with Fernando Pucheta and Joel Boucieguez, it helped to give that real estate boom.


‘This is no longer for anyone’

Before the arrival for the first time of a new political party to the municipal and federal government, there are promising expectations in some and others remain in reserve.

“This dynamic cannot be stopped by anyone, obviously private initiative is going to have to adjust to the new government policies that seem to be more balanced and not promote development based on compadrazgo, cronyism, etc., at least that is the theory, which Hopefully it will happen in practice because medium-sized entrepreneurs will have better opportunities, “said Walfre Ibarra.

Flavio Michel, former president of the AMPI, Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlan, gave his vote of confidence to the new municipal and federal administration, since the first, he added, has received support and has demonstrated with actions the change and combat to corruption.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said, is expected to have the ability to put the right people in each position and make the best decisions, not expected to be a specialist in economic issues, for example, but it is support people who help you design better strategies.

For now, the activity continues, and the market from the northern economic corridor is joined by investors from Canada and the United States, added the director of Re / Max.

Another factor that has contributed to the growth is the maturity of the Guadalajara-Mazatlán highway since the Jalisco began to focus more on the virtues of the port, above Colima and Puerto Vallarta, he said.

“We hope that this good period of investment and growth and work for all lasts several years because we all won (…) there are versions of financials that project that they are up to seven more years of growth from now on, that is, until 2025, and you have to participate in that. “

Alfredo Reynaga, also a former president of the AMPI, indicated that the real estate boom is projected until 2022 if the security and investment in infrastructure services are taken into consideration.

“There are pending, especially in what are potable water, drainage services, especially in the areas of investment pole that are both south and north of Mazatlan,” he said.

Addressing these shortcomings will set the tone for continued growth, he said, the lack of middle and residential housing causes investors to focus their eyes on the territorial reserves of Mazatlan.

The emergence of vertical buildings of apartments is occurring in subdivisions such as Las Gaviotas, Lomas de Mazatlan, La Ferrocarrilera, where there is residential housing.

For Bernardo Lizárraga, Gavias Grand sales manager, there is current growth in the sale of real estate.

“I think it is on the right track, I think that nothing else has to be careful not to exceed the offer to the demand, that is, not build more, or soon there will be a problem,” he said.

Investment is currently stopped, he added, on political issues, “because we do not know right now how this Mr. López Obrador is going to go, he sees that the dollar is now very high, in fact, the investment is stopped, developments priced in USD are not being bought by Mexicans because of the high exchange rate”.

He considered that Mazatlan is still a cheap destination and that the mistake that the Mazatlan can fall into is to sell expensive.

“Here it is not going to sell expensive, it is not possible, it is not the destination that many wanted, maybe it was,” he said.

– What is missing?

-I think Mazatlan is good, a great place to settle down, a destination where we have everything; You can not make it to exclusive it’s very easy to get to Mazatlan, once services are improved, real estate prices will increase.

Alejandro Ruiz, Marvento real estate manager, indicated that there is money, as well as people interested in continuing to invest in the city.

“There are many people interested and more projects are needed. New developments about to be released in Mazatlan right now, about 10 projects more or less from Olas Altas to Cerritos, “he said.

Regarding the shortfalls for the development to continue, he added was expansion and upgrading the drainage system.

The activity of the Mazatlan real estate sector and its generation of jobs and economic activity are projected to continue growing for 2019.

By, Nelda Ortega Source: RioDoce

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