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Mazatlan Shrimp prices fall in domestic and foreign markets

The export shrimp last season was paid at nine dollars a pound.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-The shrimp fall in the domestic and foreign market makes the fishing season more difficult since the high operating costs are very high.

The president of the Mexican Confederation of Fisheries and Aquaculture Cooperatives ( CONMECOOP ), José de Jesús Camacho revealed that prices have fallen by 35% so far this season, compared to the previous period.

He recalled that export shrimp last season was paid at nine dollars a pound, currently the price is 7.20 dollars, are almost two dollars apart, while in the domestic market barely reaches 120 pesos per kilo.

The shrimp is selling at a very low price, fortunately, the catches have been good and the volume has made people survive.

José de Jesús Camacho.

He commented that faced with this fall in the price of shrimp, they have to work to market their own product, they are already good at producing, at planting, but that circle has not been closed.

He expressed that, according to the report, the price has been reduced by 35% and Sinaloa is precisely the one that sets the standard in the market.

He pointed out that in the Upper Gulf, due to being a large shrimp area, prices remain, however, in the rest of the sizes, the price has been very punished.

The fishing leader indicated that, so far in the shrimp harvest, coffee and blue is the product that has registered the most production.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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