Mazatlan neighbors unhappy with construction works


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Residents of the Old Airport subdivision pointed out that the use of the fractionation land has been violated with impunity. 

The construction of an apartment building in the aforementioned settlement came to highlight irregularities in the way it was built. Members of the Association of Settlers of the Old Airport Fractionation mentioned that there was an approach to the competent authorities of the past municipal administration, however, the problem was not solved, although there are regulations of Urban Development and the regulation of the association of settlers in the aforementioned documents where it is determined that the use of land is only for the construction of single-family houses. 

After several letters sent to the authorities that have the stamp of received, it was reached the commitment that the problem would be treated respecting the regulations. 

This event gave rise to question the origin of the building permit for the building, which was non-existent. After finding this irregularity went again with the authorities, which decided to place the seals for the closure of the construction, a fact that did not stop the work and continued to advance. The neighbors mentioned that although the inspectors were present, they could not stop the works. 

Disappointment and abandonment

Thus the neighbors described the feelings that this situation generates when they see how the regulations that have been legally established are constantly violated in an unpunished manner, in addition to the omission that the old administration made, since the construction continues until now.

Source: El Debate

The Mazatlan Post