MEXICO: More than 200 companies join AMLO apprenticeship program


230 companies were added to offer training and work experience to young people. The government expects to serve 2.3 million young people who do not study or work today.

Mexican companies and foreign capital established in our country, various sectors, affiliations, public, stock and private, signed an agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to open spaces for young people, who for a year will give training in exchange that the federal government grants a scholarship for 3,600 pesos per month.

At the moment 230 companies from different sectors joined: food, telecommunications, retail, financial, human capital , which will inform the amount of spaces that will offer to those 2.3 million young people who are in condition of not studying or working, in order to incorporate them into the Youth Building the Future program and provide them with the necessary skills so that they can enter the labor market.

After signing the agreement of the most important program of the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the head of Labor and Social Welfare , Luisa María Alcalde Luján , explained that if you change the youth, “this country changes because it changes” and asked to the various sectors to join so that programs provide the best results.

“We must bet on the youth to pacify the country and offer a better future to the new generations, no young person will be left without the possibility of being an entrepreneur or an efficient worker,” said Mayor Luján.

For example, companies such as AT & T will offer 5,000 vacancies; the Center for Competitiveness with 16,000, or Grupo Salinas, would open space for 12,000 young people; “Now it will correspond to make a lot of diffusion so that the young people are interested; In the world, it has not been possible to join such an amount, it is very ambitious, “said the CCE labor representative, Tomás Natividad Sánchez.

Other companies, such as GINgroup , announced that they will have an active participation in the program, because “by adding 2.3 million young people between 18 and 28 years of age to the productive life of the country, these young people are given an expectation and in this way a social debt is covered with them, “said Mireya Beyruti , general director of GINgroup Santa Fe.

Other examples of companies are: 3 MM, ABB, Avi, Arca Continental, Accendo, Aptitus, Akron, ADO, Aeromexico, Affirm, América Móvil, Aspen Labs, AstraZeneca, Bachoco, Banca Mifel, Banco JPMorgan, Banco Azteca, Banco Inbursa, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Banorte Ixe, Bayer, Bonafont, Cemex, Chedraui, Cinépolis, Citibanamex, Clorox, Coca Cola FEMSA, Coca Cola Mexico, Colgate Palmolive, Del Fuerte, Costco, Danone, Dell, Deutsche Bank Mexico, Diageo, Duracell , FEMSA, Gruma, Grupo BAL, GINgroup, Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Lala, Grupo Mexico, Grupo Modelo, Grupo Peñafiel, Herdez, HSBC Mexico, José Cuervo, Jugos del Valle, Santa Clara, Jumex, Kellogg’s, Kelly Services, Kimberly-Clark , La Comer, Liverpool, L’Oréal, Mabe, Oxxo, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Sanborns and Walmart.

In this regard, he added that they will do everything possible so that in the first two years of the administration the figure can be reached, but acknowledged that this will depend on the commitment of the Private Initiative and the public and social sectors.

Preparing young talent

During his participation, on behalf of entrepreneurs, Juan Pablo Castañón, referred to the commitment of organizations to “train, develop talent.” Thus, with this first signature, the start of the program is triggered with the commitment of 230 large, medium and small companies of all productive sectors, as well as more than 20 business organizations.

He explained that his role will be to be tutors who will train young fellows and provide all the necessary facilities for them to receive quality training in technical skills, typical of a trade or profession, and socio-emotional skills to develop successfully in life and work.

The young people who participate in a committed and constant way in the companies, after 12 months of training, will be given a certificate or certification of the skills acquired during the process, the recognition that will potentiate their future opportunities.

What is Young Building the Future?

In Mexico, around 7 million young people who do not study or work have been detected; Of these, 2.3 million will be served by the Youth Building the Future program, considering that they are the ones who have the immediate availability to carry out productive activities.

The program:

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 29 years of age
  • They will receive training for one year
  • The objective is to grant them the necessary skills to enter the labor market
  • They will receive as a scholarship 3,600 pesos (1.3 minimum salaries)


  • Enroll in the platform
  • Personal information: name, date of birth and CURP
  • Data about your current address: entity, municipality, street, neighborhood, zip code
  • Contact data: phone, cell phone, Facebook or a family number
  • Indicate area of interest, level of studies and educational institution of preparation

Source: El Economista

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