Thousands of Mexicans demand on social networks to remove ‘the parasites of the Supreme Court’


“These 11 parasites Judges of the Supreme Court want to continue with salaries of $ 600 thousand per month; They have their whole family on the payroll. In no country in the world, there are officials with these mega salaries ..; Only in Mexico!. Stop….!”

In the report the data of 112 judges and magistrates who would have used their faculties to obtain a position to his wife or sentimental partner are shown; 180 to his children, 136 to his brothers and 27 more to his parents.

But that’s not all, the study revealed that there are another 7 thousand 148 public servants within the Judiciary who share workspace with their relatives.

After the above, hundreds of users of social networks exhibited the eleven ‘parasites of the Supreme Court’, revealing that Mexico is the only country where there is this inequality between the salaries of one of the judges of the SCJN and an average citizen.

Source: Denuncia Mexico 

The Mazatlan Post