Mazatlan school made out of pallets and cardboard


Mazatlan, Sin. The cold air filters through the cracks that remain between the wood and the cardboard, materials with which the classrooms of the ( Junior high) Secundaria Nueva Creación, del Fraccionamiento Santa Teresa.

School of Cardboard and pallets in Mazatlan

The low temperature in the morning affects the 128 students who attend classes with these inclemencies, so they prefer to be absent. In addition to the cessation of classes when heavy rains fall.

Professor Briseira Osuna mentions that the cold cools the first hours of classes because of the location of the school and the conditions of the classrooms are factors that impact students and teachers.

They, the students, enter at six forty-five in the morning, for that moment the temperature feels very low, it feels very cold, so they have to well covered.

On a daily basis, he commented that he registers at least the absence of four children, after becoming ill due to the low temperatures, since most of them go to the rooms without shelter.

Respiratory problems, sore throat, fever, runny nose, pointed out that these are some of the sufferings that the students who absent themselves from the classes present.

The teachers, said that they are not left behind, because they also get sick from the cold and dust that is generated around the school, which is located south of the port.

Míriam is a third-year student, who before going to school, her mother asks her to be sheltered from the increase in classmates who have fallen ill due to the cold.

Recognize that both outside and inside the rooms are just as cool because the cold air penetrates the broken walls of the sheet of cardboard with which they are built.

The young student, says that the low temperatures have not felt so much, so it does not rule out that they increase as the months of December, January and February pass.

Luis Eduardo Valdez, of the School Supervision, to which the New Creation Secondary School belongs, acknowledged that the school works in extreme heat in summer and in cold during the winter.

He said that they have a sheet support on the door, but unfortunately the students do not have the culture to conserve the facilities, so they will request that they are made of asbestos or steel.

The teacher assured that before the end of the school year 2018-2019, the campus will begin to be built, through three concrete classrooms that will house 128 students and 16 teachers.

He recalled that the New Creation has eight years of having been founded as an irregular school campus and one year four months after having received the key that supports the studies that the students receive.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post