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Annually Mazatlan received for the national promotion around 20 million pesos

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The disappearance of the structure of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico ( CPTM ) recently announced by the Tourism Secretary, Miguel Torruco Marqués, should not affect the promotion of the destinations of the country.

The president of the Association of Hotels Three Islands , José Ramón Manguart, said that changes will surely come in the form of promotion, because it can not disappear because destinations require it to continue growing, attracting tourists .

That Sectur now assumes, that’s a great possibility, but the promotion does not think it disappears, it is needed, Torruco is not an improvised knower of the subject and surely there will be changes in the way of promoting, which will be announced at the moment in which he announces his work plan.

President of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart .

He said that the disappearance of the structure would not affect tourism because it would become part of Sectur, but the promotion, since it results in employment sources, strengthens an activity other than oil, which is the main source of income for the country.

“Tourism has been raising its hand for many years, precisely so that it is a mechanism, so that the country continues to have the necessary foreign currency for its support and power, in a regionalized manner, in socio-economic and investment terms that allow it to guarantee the growth and economic development of all the different poles of tourist development that exist in the country, “he said.

Manguart Sanchez said that the CPTM contributed to the promotion of Mazatlan, in the national market, around 20 million pesos annually, although this year was much for the completion of the Tourism Tianguis.

They are collected, around five billion pesos per year, from the Non-Resident Law (DNR), which tourists pay to enter Mexico and which were destined to the Tourist Promotion Council.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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