How some in the United States view AMLO: “He’s a fabulous guy, no indications hes a dictator” (VIDEO)


The popularity of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is crossing borders of our national territory, López Obrador, is also known in the United States.

Kyle Kulinski who from his Youtube channel “Sekular Talk” with more than 600 thousand subscribers spoke of the work plan of Andrés Manuel López Obrador , as the Mayan train that will connect 5 southern states of the country, also talked about the reconstruction of roads in Oaxaca, the rescue of PEMEX, in addition to the rescue of the Mexican economy.

The young YouTuber indicated in his program that some have said that “AMLO” is a “danger”, however, Kyle Kulinski declared that Lopez Obrador is a “fabulous” guy and that he has nothing of “dictator”, because for him he has more similar with Bernie Sanders.

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The Mazatlan Post