Mazatlan: The return of services, workers and activity on re opened Avenid Del Mar


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The different stages of remodeling of the Malecón de Mazatlán , left as a result, in addition to the reduction of workforce, the decrease in investment due to limited profits in business.

After the complete opening of Avenida Del Mar , owners of premises and workers , they believe that the process was slow, leaving them with losses, before which they now have to recover.

They said that the work was state-owned, but the other mayor had started it and then left and they left us and now the one who is also touched the ball and the governor reappeared. The truth was something very hard, we dismissed four workers, we stayed five to be able to attend the dinners. Arturo, manager of waiters in a restaurant.

Sports tourism arrived at the destination this weekend

“There were economic support programs, the truth is loans that had interests and that ultimately, it would be worse for one with that credit, if we had taken it, we would be more worried right now, and now we are already seeing people approaching. “Carmen said, owner of a restaurant.

We do not close, we have nearby hotels. People went around and thought that they had mistaken Malecon. Yes, it was very bad for us, but it is Mexican tourism that helped us, taking away little memories. Yes, sales dropped by up to 40%, we took care of my husband and myself. Adilene, owner of a craft business.

After these limitations, they hope to lift sales in the early December period, even better, with the visit of the sports tourism that is this weekend in the destination.

Charters are trucks, which have brought this regional tourism zone, which comes from Guadalajara, Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, among other destinations, to know the port, however, they come in all-inclusive packages, which leave specific economic benefits, some fast food businesses.

In figures, the Canaco kept the report of 40 businesses affected by the work period, in addition to that in this process, street vendors were evicted from the federal area, to develop their jobs, which caused the latter to drop sales, only 15%.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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