First manifestation and calculation of the Mazatlan Carnival


With great excitement, the first manifestation of the Mazatlan Carnival 2019 took place, where the candidates with great enthusiasm made this journey through the avenues Francisco Solís and Bicentenario.

The color, the music, the dance and the joy, invaded the avenues Francisco Solis and Bicentenario during the first manifestation of the candidates and candidates for the crowns of the Mazatlan International Carnival 2019 : “Equinox, the rebirth of the senses”.

The tour was led by the current sovereigns of Mazatlan Carnival who with great enthusiasm greeted the people who left their homes to live the party.

Behind them with smiles on their faces, the 12 young women competing for the crown of the carnival queen were advancing: Fanny Bonilla, Melissa Gaytán, Gabriela Pano, Joceline Lozano, Karla Rivas, Frida Castillo, Daiana Sánchez, Elizabeth Barraza, Karen Castillo, Ana Vázquez, Yamilé Zatarain and Anahí Esparza.

The innocence and the charisma of the smallest ones was present in the passage of the candidates for a child queen: Estrella Iniguez and Diana Zatarain.

 Behind her and with great energy advanced Pako Tostado, Fernando Kolbeck, Roberto Tirado and Jesús Barraza, candidates for the carnival king.

The comparsas and truncheons of the candidates with their enthusiasm showed that the maximum celebration of the port has already begun.

In the Plaza de la Colonia Francisco Villa, the group waited for the candidates with a festive atmosphere to proceed to the first partial count to determine the candidates for the king and infant queen of the carnival.

The results were: votes, taking advantage, Fernando Kolbeck with 18,000 votes, Jesús Barraza got 11,500 votes, Roberto Tirado 10 080 and Pako Tostado with 10 046 votes.

Meanwhile, the little Star got 30,000 votes and Diana Zatarain 25 100.

The versatile group “Más candela” and the ballet of the maestro Ángel Rivera were responsible for their rhythm, liven up the carnival atmosphere.

Source: TVP

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