The Venados baseball team could leave Mazatlan and go to Durango stadium


There is still no agreement between JUMPAM and the Toledo family. And the rumor that came up this afternoon is that the Vendos de Mazatlán baseball team is going to Durango.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez reported that the baseball stadium concession was at risk; later he uploaded a video to his social network where he says “We are already set for the game on Friday, we only need one thing” and that is that they will pay 
This would be considered a mockery, even in comments on social networks was taken as a lack of seriousness as authority. 
According to what was said, in the capital of the neighboring Stadium, there is a new stadium, which would be offered to the Mazatlan team, since there is activity there but only in summer.

But not only leave their home, Mazatlan, but they would go with everything to that entity. They would also take the Caribbean Series of the year 2021 and with it the hundreds or thousands of visitors, in addition to the promotion that is made to the destination with both national and international coverages. 
However, that apparent decision has not been made known yet and for the fans there is hope that an agreement will be reached with the authorities with the debt they say they have, but that they say it does not exist. 

Source; Ras Noticias

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