Mazatlan taxi drivers threaten road blockades


Taxistas will carry out demonstrations, blockades, and sit-ins if the authority does not resolve.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Leaders of Ecotaxis Red and Green Ecotaxis transporters warned that they will take the necessary actions so that the authority does not ignore when it has enough elements to proceed and solve the historical problem with Atamsa, which had been terminated since 2009 after 20 years of conflict.

And it is that transport leaders Arnoldo Bouciéguez Lizárraga, general secretary of the Red Taxis Union and Jesús Lizárraga López, general secretary of the Green Taxis Union, supported by the Aurigas Union, reiterated that Atamsa does not have permits to provide the service of the city towards the airport.

This after Román Aguayo Hernández, secretary general of Atamsa resigned with legal signature, in December 2009, to the lawsuits filed to provide the service of the city to the airport, except for the 10 units concessioned to circulate with state plates, that were granted as part of the benefits given by the state government in exchange, plus eight million pesos of public resources, for the purchase of the vehicle fleet, and only transported from the airport to the city through the federal permit, they explained.

However, they affirmed that the agreement published even in the Official Gazette of the Federation has not been respected and Atamsa yellow units (taxis) continue with the service within the city, of which only three out of 80 are protected it.

“It is a whim of this person because he can do the services of Mazatlan to the airport, that is the conflict that is solved and I do not say it, apart it was published in the DOF for which they have jurisdiction,” said Arnoldo Bouciéguez.

They anticipated that once Atamsa’s services were banned, they would act with protests, blockades, and demonstrations, until the problem was solved, since three thousand families were affected, 1,500 for each union.

We invite the authorities, in this case, to take action on the matter and apply the law, because if they do not do so, the conflicts that we have been living for years will come again, people are very worried about them. partners that we have in the union and is determined to everything, to go out to defend the work, to demonstrate on the street and everything that has to become necessary. 

We are not going to allow Román Aguayo to steal what is not theirs, I believe that the work we do is because we are concessionaries and, in some way, when we talk about caring for destiny, it is up to all of us, not just transporters and if we are going to talk about other sectors, they also do it through blockades I do not know why they criticize us so much (…) we are willing to do any situation that has to be done, so that Román Aguayo will not get away with it and will not do your whim. Jesus Lizárraga.

They stressed that on the part of the Delegation of Roads and Transport, only slight administrative sanctions have been applied, but not what the agreement agreed in 2009 actually stipulates.

Mazatlan citizens are tired of taxi thugs and applaud Mazatlan Mayor, Benitez Torres (EL Quimico) crack down on corrupt extortionists taxi union tactics.


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