Mazatlan: If taxis block streets, the law will be applied: Says Mayor Benítez Torres

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres warned that if public transporters block the streets, the law will be applied evenly.
He clarified that the issue of the blockades of ATAMSA units to Mazatlan does not concern him, are state and federal licenses, “however, if scandals are caused, closures of streets that is city official will take action, there we will act the same against reds, greens, white yellows taxis… “
He warned that who hinders the operation of the streets, “there if we are going to act, and we will make use of the law that empowers us for that”.
Benítez Torres indicated that when there are blockages in the municipal area, they will act, whoever they may be. “If the fact occurs that they cause damages for the transit, for the security of the citizens”.
Questioned if he is going to communicate the Secretary of Public Safety, he said that he (Ricardo Olivo Cruz) already knows how they think, and they are in tune.
Source: Punto mx
The Mazatlan Post