Mexico approves marijuana sale of teas, gummies and 34 other products


Towards decriminalization

Up deodorant. The Cofepris announced yesterday that as of next January 21 supplements, nine cosmetics, six foods, and two raw materials will be able to be commercialized without restrictions in the country.
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Energy drinks, teas, gummies, balsams, creams, food supplements in various presentations and even a roll-on deodorant are part of the first package of 38 cannabis products that were released by the Ministry of Health, through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), and that will be available for sale without prescription in convenience stores, naturists, pharmacies and online as of next January.
“We have already received 43 applications for cannabis, of these, 38 meet 100 percent with the guidelines and have not exceeded 1% of THC, are products that correspond to raw materials, food supplements, cosmetics and food,” said the owner of the commission, Julio Sánchez and Tépoz.
At a press conference, the official stressed that the products are made with Cannabidiol (CBD) and practically do not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so they do not cause psychoactive effects. They can be used to help in the treatment of patients diagnosed with epilepsy, arthritis, stress, and anxiety. Others are recommended as relaxing, analgesic and for lack of sleep.
It consists of 21 supplements, nine cosmetics, six foods and two permits to import raw materials; the applications were submitted by seven companies established in the country: CBD Life, CBD Science, Endo Natura Labs, and Pharmacies Magistrales, of Mexican capital; as well as Med Mex and Aceites Orgánicos de América, of US capital, in addition to Finat México, of Spanish capital.
“Today is a historic day for Mexico, Cofepris announces and delivers the first permits for products with cannabis,” said Sanchez, who stressed that the release does not mean an invitation to use cannabis for recreational use.
“The authorization does not mean that from this moment the plant has to be identified as safe and not harmful, we have been very careful in reviewing the applications of the companies,” he said.
However, he said that it is a “right thing to have an initiative in the Senate, on the part of Olga Sánchez Cordero, to make an advanced, comprehensive regulation that includes playful use, because it seems much better to regulate than to prohibit”.
Raúl Elizalde, president of HempsMeds Latin America, celebrated the release for the importation and commercialization of his first five products in the country, and the girl’s father Grace said that the use of CBD-based products was the solution to give the child a better quality of life.
“Our daughter, having 400 daily crises when we started in 2015, today has 20,” said Elizalde, who announced that she will donate the first batch to reach the Por Grace Foundation in Mexico, “so that those who have not been able to access Until today for economic reasons, they can do it in the short term. “
Meanwhile, Jamko Ruiz, CEO of the CBD company, who obtained 18 permits for the import and marketing of products, said: “Our raw material comes from Colorado (EU), so, the traceability of the seeds is important, so we have taken care of and we have our own crops there, where we make sure they are of the best quality “.
He estimated that teas and energy drinks will cost 30 pesos.
In turn, Pharmacies Magistrals is the only laboratory that obtained permission to produce medication with THC for 10 diseases, such as childhood epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.
California Black tea Energy drink Company: CBD Life Input: food Concentration CBD: .003 mg per container.
Fruit Gummies Company: CBD Life Intake: CBD Concentration supplement : 2.5 mg per serving.
Calcium capsules With extract of Curcuma longa , Salix alba and Cannabis sativa L. Company: Aceites Orgánicos de América SA de CV Supply: Supplement CBD concentration: 25 mg.
It is one of the 80 cannabinoids derived from hemp. Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effects.
Effects: Brain _Antidepressant. _Neuroprotector.
Intestine. _Prokinetic
Eyes _Anti inflammatory. _Atherosclerosis.
Bones _ Stimulates growth. _ Fight osteoporosis.
Heart _ Prevents the accumulation of plaques in the arteries.
Cofepris personnel “fraudulently” concealed applications for registration of medicines and medical devices from 2015 to 2018, the head of the agency, Julio Sánchez and Tépoz, told EFE.
During this period, 1,675 applications from pharmaceutical multinationals were retained for the sale of drugs and devices aimed at “multiple diseases”, including cancer or diabetes, the latter being the main cause of death in the country.
“A delay in the health authorities necessarily has negative effects on health,” acknowledged Sanchez, who said as the maximum responsible for these irregularities the former Commissioner of Sanitary Authorization of the institution, Juan Carlos Gallaga Solórzano, who disbanded the Cofepris last April, as a result of these and other irregularities in their management.
Although he said he did not know what benefit Gallaga and his collaborators were getting, the head of the institution noted as “evident that they were hiding files and approving others quickly.”
Source: EFE, Millenio
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