Mazatlan ready for Revolution celebration parade on November 20


The Traffic Police announces the alternative roadways through which motorists can transit

Mazatlan.- The roads operation implemented on the occasion of the revolutionary parade on November 20 is ready in its entirety, Jorge Armando Olivas Valentín announced.

The deputy director of Municipal Transit said that, for the proper development of this event, the closure of roads in the area of the route of the parade, from 05:00 am on Tuesday.

Enclosures are envisaged for vehicular traffic in the stretch between Emilio Barragán and 21 de Marzo avenues, where the journey will begin, until Ángel Flores and Campana streets, where it will culminate.

For this, road agents will be placed at each crossing to prevent vehicular traffic and ensure the tranquility of those who parade.

It was said that the road will be gradually reopened to the vehicular passage, as the final contingent passes through the road crossings.

One hour after completing the parade in its entirety, it is planned to reopen the vehicular circulation.

For those wishing to mobilize in the area, it is recommended to use the alternative roads of the Historic Center, except for those indicated, as well as Juan Carrasco and Gutiérrez Nájera avenues.

In this way, the staff of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat complies with the commitment to care for and protect the integrity of Mazatlecos and visitors.

In addition, it encourages citizens to report or report in a timely manner to persons in a suspicious attitude, in order to avoid the commission of a crime.

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