It’s not Davos, nor Aspen!, winter postcards from Mexico


The image he sees is not Davos the Swiss city, nor Aspen in Colorado, it is about winter postcards photographed by inhabitants of Huamantla in the state of Tlaxcala.

And is that the Malintzi, a mountain shared in the territory with the states of Puebla and Tlaxcala with a height of more than 4 thousand 400 meters above sea level, dawned this weekend covered in snow.

The images were taken by mountaineers, climbers, photographers and even inhabitants who dare to visit him have been distributed over the internet.

In the State of Mexico.- Due to the low temperatures recorded, they caused the first snowfall in the upper part of the Nevado de Toluca , without reporting any damage to neighboring homes such as Raíces.

During the day of Sunday, visitors observed how it was covered in white and took the opportunity to take photographs.

The landscapes of the Toluca snow-capped attracted thousands of visitors during the weekend. Only on Sunday, 5 thousand people attended, who were surprised by the snowfall while they were in the volcano.

Source: el debate, Cuarto de Guerra

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