Mazatlan: Isla de La Piedra bets on safety and quality


Mazatlan, Sin.- In the last months, the service providers of the pier of the Island of La Piedra have modified their services, which are characterized by the quality of the trip but above all to the security, a detail that they consider to be the best of the port.

César Morales Burgueño, a tour operator, indicated that for this long weekend they have expectations of an increase of the passage of up to 50 percent, where foreign tourists and nationals are the ones who rent it the most.

“The boats are well equipped with life jackets, safety, first of all, we comply with the requirements for the passenger, for everyone. We have services 24 hours a day, “he said.

The operator added that within the services they provide are transfers to the Island of La Piedra, special cargo trips from Mazatlan to the island and with less demand for trips around the bay.

Source: LD 

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