Street vendors return to the Malecón in Mazatlán


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After going through almost two years of uncertainty, semi-stationary street vendors returned to the federal area on the Malecón.

In the expectation of a dialogue with the new municipal authority, the nearly 20 craft stalls returned from Thursday to the remodeled sidewalk of Del Mar Avenue .

We feel better here in our places, it’s a long weekend. We were in the Aquarium, but there was a lot of land, we are much better here.

Arturo, merchant.

“At the Aquarium, people come into the show and as soon as they leave, they are taken to the trucks waiting for them, sales there were not really good,” said Martha, a merchant.

On average, these positions that lasted approximately one month installed in front of the Aquarium, had a profit of 200 pesos or less per day; while on the Malecón the antecedent offering products were to obtain 400 pesos a day.

From early on, the merchants were observed to set up their tables and umbrellas, with the supervision of inspectors assigned to the Mayor’s Office of the City Council.

This group hopes to obtain the support of the municipal authority since they have valid federal permits and ensure they are up-to-date regarding the concepts that are requested.

Here he really goes out to eat, so we hope they tell us what they are going to be like because we have been selling here for many years, I am 29 years old and there are people who have more. Let’s hope they take into account that we are family heads with needs.


“We want to work and we have the valid permits, first it’s a good weekend. They were years without being able to do it already, and until now the inspectors have treated us well on our return, “said Graciela Velázquez, a merchant.

It was in October of last year, when the municipal administration in charge of Fernando Pucheta withdrew them because of the remodeling works, however, now without the Mercado de las Flores project, nor the construction of a Market on the Malecón, they depend to return to the extension of the sidewalk, after the opportunity offered by the new municipal administration.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post