Centro Historico … the cultural heart of Mazatlan


Until recently, the Historical Center did not enjoy the cultural, gastronomic and touristic movement that it has today

For its impressive buildings, cozy and spacious homes, haute cuisine restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and artists’ congregation, the Historic Center of Mazatlan is the cultural heart of this port.

Reactivated more than two decades ago, in a joint effort of investors and municipal government, the Historic Center has become a pole of cultural, tourist and commercial movement as few not only nationally, but throughout Latin America.

Thanks to the rescue of the Ángela Peralta Theater, gradually, during the decade of the 90’s and the beginning of the new millennium, restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments that reactivated the flow of people in the area were emerging in the area. With this, the purchase and sale of houses proliferated, especially, to American and Canadian retired tourists, who were fascinated by the past, present and future that emanate from the Historic Center.

Between 2005 and 2010 the value of the buildings and houses that comprise the Historical Center skyrocketed. Its surplus value doubled and even tripled and nowadays, it continues to grow, because the interest and fascination that the zone awakens constituted a unique economic value for Mazatlan.

It is also the birthplace of the Angela Peralta Theater, a seedbed of artists who found in this house, a unique place to express their emotions, concerns and higher feelings.

The Historical Center fascinates locals and foreigners alike. The Mazatleco does not tire of taking an ice cream in one of its benches or nooks and crannies, while the tourist suddenly feels the trip to the past contemplating the architecture of its buildings. A place that was reborn more than two decades ago and with that, it also allowed it to be reborn in everyone who visits, an inexhaustible artistic spirit and impression.