Mazatlan Malecón closure leaves economic losses and unemployment


Businessmen and businesses urge the governor of the state to open a lane.

Mazatlá, Sinaloa.- The closure of the Malecón has left millions in losses to the commerce and tourism sector, said Guillermo Romero , Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce.

He said they are pushing for a lane to be opened as there will be a convention of more than 10,000 doctors and they are worried about the blockage of the Malecon.


The closure of Avenida del Mar has left millions in losses to the commerce and tourism sector, said the general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

The commitment with the authority had been that a lane would always be kept open, and the agreement was respected the first few days.

But in the last two lanes were closed and this affected the productive sector located by the boardwalk. 

The palaperos have had almost no activity and in the other businesses, they begin to dismiss 50 and even 80 percent of the employees. In extreme cases, they have been forced to close.


Romero explained that they met with the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, and they raised the situation.

They asked him to open the lane that faces the beach. The stretch that covers Avenida Del Mar between Rafael Buelna and Gutiérrez Nájera is ready.

The businessman said that they are worried that a medical convention is about to be held, which will gather 10 thousand attendees and will want to walk along the boardwalk.

They did not give them a date, only that in a few days the lane could be opened.

But, meanwhile, every day there are losses for the sector.

In relation to the credits offered to them, they say that they do not help because afterward they have to be paid and there is no liquidity.

Source: Blanca Regalado, El Debate

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