Virgen de la Puntilla, the protector of Mazatlán


After the terrible impact of Hurricane Olivia in 1975, no hurricane has fiercely lashed the harbor protected under its mantle.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Many faithful have gathered at La Puntilla since yesterday to ask the Virgin de la Puntilla protection against the powerful Hurricane Willa.

The Virgen de la Puntilla arrived in Mazatlan after the devastating impact of Hurricane Olivia in the year of 1975 and since then, no natural phenomenon has hit her with such ferocity, that is why the faithful ask her with fervor to protect the port of powerful impact of Willa.

Years before the arrival of the Virgin, Mazatlán was a constant target of storms and hurricanes, usually in October.

Virgen de la Puntilla, the protector of Mazatlán. Photo: Paul Felfoldy

It was in 1975 that Olivia arrived, without prior notice, ignoring her trajectory and even more, that the very eye of the powerful phenomenon would be the one that would scour the “land of deer”. The intense wind and the great rain began the terror. Cars were moved easily and various objects flew. The next day the news was imminent “Mazatlan, disaster area.”

Faithful ask for the Virgen de la Puntilla through Mazatlan. Photo: Paul Felfoldy

It was the idea of the fishermen of the port and of the Bishop of the diocese of Mazatlan that La Virgen de la Puntilla arrived, “Mother of the church and queen of the sea and of the universe”.

Whether you are a believer or not, the double rainbow appears over Mazatlan right before landfall.


Source: El Debate

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